Why Your Entry Way Needs A Hall Table

As you enter your home, your arms may be loaded down with packages, bags, books, mail and newspapers. You need to have a place to put down those items as soon as you are inside your foyer. A hall table is a piece of furniture that you should buy for that very reason. Not only would it be a beautiful piece to add to your home, it will be functional and useful.

If you have a hall table in your foyer, then you have a decorating accessory ready to be transformed. You can decorate that table with holiday flowers, birthday flowers, flowers from your garden or handmade paper flowers that the kids put together at school.

If you have a treasured vase from your grandmother or aunt, a hall table is the perfect place to show it off. It is also a great place to set up some family photos that are in interesting photo frames. Add a candle for a romantic feel. If you are expecting company,  hall tables can act as a welcome center. Set up a small coffee pot, cups and accessories for your company’s use. Add a small plate of home made cookies or muffins for an extra treat.

If your table is up against a wall, then you may consider hanging a large mirror behind the table. It will not only give you a place to check your hair before you answer the door, the mirror will add light and movement to the space. Whether your tastes run to antique, modern or traditional, you will find a wood hall table that meets your needs. Before you shop for one, take a quick measurement of the space so that you don’t buy one that is too large or too small.

Get a wood hall table, decorate it in your style, and enjoy the area and the compliments you will receive.