When To Use A Wine Goblet On Your New Table

There are many occasions when you can use a wine goblet to enjoy wine. In fact, many people will use them for their everyday drinking of wine. They make the act of drinking wine even more of a pleasure so why wouldn’t you want to indulge more often.

Usually however, you will find that people use wine goblets when they are having formal dinner occasions. So along with the silverware, fine china and crisp clean white linen tablecloth, out will come the wine goblets. There are of course different types of goblets for different occasions, and your table setup will reflect this with various goblets of different sizes.

You will have larger, bowl shaped glasses for serving red wine, slimmer and small goblets for white, and a medium sized glass used more recently for serving a guests choice of still or sparkling water. This is very much a formal setup done correctly.

There are times when you won’t be having such a formal dinner and this is certainly no reason to not use your wine goblets. We think that no matter what the occasion, whether it’s a dinner party or just relaxing after work, that if you are drinking wine then you should be using goblets. This is for the simple reasons that goblets make the wine taste better. They allow you to have a really sensory experience whilst drinking the wine, and can even turn the cheap tipples in to something more glorious.

To get the most out of your wine, and to get it ready for the goblet, it is worth making sure that it is served correctly. White wine should be chilled for around four hours in the fridge before drinking and red wine should be decanted, preferably at least two hours before you enjoy it.

As you can see, if you get some nice goblets and prepare your wine correctly, there is really no wine drinking occasion when you wouldn’t want to use a goblet.