What’s the Best Shape of Table for You?

Choosing the best dining table for you and your family is a big responsibility. Furniture is something that you will likely have for some time to come.

Selecting the right dining table can be a tough decision. In the end, it comes down to what you prefer the most. This article will cover the pros and cons between a round or rectangular dining table.

When considering your table, it is important to consider two things.

The first, what is the size of the parties you are looking to host?

In addition, the second, what is the size of the room you are fitting this table into?

If you have a large family, and you host a lot of guests at one time, you are probably best suited for a rectangular dining table. In most cases, you can fit more people around a this type of table. Not to mention that most dining rooms are best suited for a table of this size.

Conversations are easy at a table that is rectangular. You can converse with the people to either side of you, but also have the ability to speak with anyone across from you, since you aren’t that far from them.

A round bistro table would be a nice fitting for a larger kitchen. It could be a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the paper in the morning.Depending on your lifestyle, it might work for being your regular dining table, too. If you are concerned that the size may be too small, consider some flexible portable tables for holding extra bowls and platters at serving time.

A round table is also better for small dinner parties. The reason for this is that if you host a large party at a very large round table, conversation is only limited to the person sitting to either side of you. While you can see everyone at the table easily, in order to speak to people on the other side of the table you will most likely have to shout across the table to them. This can break up dinner conversation!

Smaller round tables are also popular for outdoor dining on a patio or deck. With an umbrella opened up to protect from the hot sun, this is a great setting to enjoy a barbeque dinner with a few friends. The smaller the round table the more intimate of a dinner party you can have.

Rectangular tables are better suited for big family dinners and events.

Once you have established your priorities and are clear about your typical daily lifestyle, you will be able to select the table and table shape for you.