Using a Curio Cabinet for Collectibles

If you have a collection of fine figurines or other pieces in your home, you would like to be able to display in a way that shows them off and protects them.  This is the ideal reason for having a curio cabinet.  They go by several names, but a display cabinet or curio is not a new invention or home decorating item.  These pieces of furniture have long been used, it is simply what we display in them that has changed.

You can gaze into a homeowner’s curio cabinet to see what they value.  Often, there will be pieces of memorabilia from family or special times in one’s life.  In another home, you might find a collection of fine china or pieces gathered from travels around the world.  These items deserve a special place to be displayed.  At times, there is just a special place in that room for a corner curio cabinet to proudly display your collection.  It is not only a wise choice but can be a great investment, too.

Depending upon the style you choose, your item may resemble a fine piece of furniture.  Prices range from under $100 USD to well over $500 USD.  The factors that go into the price are determined by the quality of the craftsmanship, its size and materials.  A glass curio cabinet can house any number of pieces and lends itself to simply highlighting your collection.  Other fine pieces with nice wood carving and details can blend in well with your other furniture.

Some popular brand names include Pulaski and Howard Miller.  If you’ve been shopping for other home decorating objects or items, you may recognize these names.  Specifically, Howard Miller makes a fine selection of wall clocks as well.  If your home has some specific size requirements or unique features, you can also have a custom curio cabinet built for you.  Consider this a collectible or heirloom in its own right.