Unique Lamp Shades

Many people might be surprised to realize that lamps contribute a lot to a home decor. There are a variety of lighting options on the market, from tall to small, made of all sorts of materials. In addition, many lamps come with shades that can be altered, customized, or replaced to add a one of a kind look.

Unique lamp shades are easy to find online by conducting a search or visiting the home page of one's favorite home goods retailer. Shopping online gives a buyer more options and a chance to find a one of a kind shade.

The Pottery Barn has a straight drum white lampshade that is decorated with calligraphy in both French and English, in different lettering sizes. This shade is about sixty dollars in store or online.

For a more industrial look, Amazon has a Ledu lamp shade made of domed steel. This piece sells for forty three ninety nine and comes with a matching lamp. The item is also available in a matte black color.

Wal-Mart and other big box stores even offer unique lamp shades. The Twilight Garden share, made of organically grown cotton and azo-free red and black dye, is a steal at thirty dollars. This shade claims to be both safe and environmentally friendly with no carcinogenic materials. This makes it perfect for a baby or child's room.

Lighting By Gregory specializes in lamp components and has a Kichler Lighting lampshade that is very low cost option. For eighteen bucks, buyers can pick up a fabric shade in a blend of silver, tan, and white colors.

Accessory shades for smaller light structures such as chandelier bulbs are available for sale from many lighting companies as well. Kichler offers an example of these mini shades in a copper finish. These types of lamp shade are sold in a bulk pack and cost about ninety dollars.