Types Of Glass Coffee Tables

A glass coffee table is probably one of the most popular pieces of furniture in any house.  It has contemporary appeal and is easy to clean which makes it a perfect addition to any living room.  When shopping for glass coffee tables, think of how it will blend with other furniture, its size, and how functional it will be.

Size is probably the most important consideration of the table. Depending on the room size, here are a few tips for selecting a nice table.  It should be at the same level as the chairs and sofa cushions and a little more than half of the overall length of the sofa itself.  Enough clearance should be allowed around the table for people to get through without knocking or bumping it.

There are many styles and finishes to a glass coffee table.  A frame made out of wood with a glass surface would accent a contemporary decor.  A chrome glass coffee table  gives a rustic and artistic edge.   An all glass coffee table containing a tempered glass frame can be bent into an array of shapes.  The variety of sizes and materials is a factor in the construction of the coffee table.  In general, a rectangular coffee table makes a good center piece.  It ties the seats together and adds a focal point. Conversely, if you have a lot of guests over, a round table will be more inviting.

You must remember that glass is an easily broken material, but if the frame is sturdy, it can be quite functional at handling magazines, books, dinner, or other items of weight.  For storage, select a lift top. A coffee table lift top can be raised or lowered to serve as a coffee table, dinner table, hobby space, or for any other purpose, in addition to the built in storage.  As a show piece, select a mission style table.  Glass is the most simple material to clean.  It may even serve as a showcase for all your collectibles or decorative photos; and other items as well.