The Various Styles of Breakfast Tables

If you have a small nook in your kitchen area designed for having breakfast, you might be interested in the styles available for use as a breakfast table. This table is generally created smaller than the standard dining table and can accommodate two to four people. You will see some tables that are round in shape and others that are the traditional square style. Many of these tables are constructed from wood and may have sides that are hinged so you can create a smaller or larger area by raising and lowering them.

In the category of wood tables there are several designer styles created by Ashley. These can be made of cherry, oak or walnut and usually have a high gloss finish. These particular tables are sold as sets that include the chairs designed to match the style of the small table they are sold with. The small metal designed table is also a popular choice for use in a nook area. This has the base of the item constructed of a metal material such as aluminum or wrought iron. The surface table top will be constructed of a different material, which could be wood, marble or a laminate of some type.

This design is usually more popular as a round style and will also include the matching chairs to go with it. These are popular for use with cafes and coffee shops as tables for their customers. Another design that has been taken from the restaurant area and brought into the home is the bench and table set. You might decide to have built-in benches around your nook area. This design works well with a small trestle table created of wood. Whatever your particular nook is designed as there are plenty of styles for tables available to enhance the area and provide adequate seating. You will enjoy looking through your kitchen blinds as you and your family enjoy a home cooked meal at your breakfast table.