The Comfort of a Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Large farmhouse kitchen tables were once a prominent fixture in most households.  However, they had dropped out of vogue in recent decades as families ceased to eat and meet around the table.  Recently, people have begun to admire farmhouse kitchen tables for their eloquent and sturdy construction.

For many generations the kitchen table was the central meeting place in the home.  The table was surrounded by a mixture of chairs and benches in order to accommodate a large gathering of individuals.  In addition to being used to eat on, farmhouse kitchen tables were also used as an office desk or work station.

Often the family elders would gather around the farmhouse kitchen table and discuss family affairs.  This is the place where they made critical decisions such as which crops to plant.  After working on the farm all day, children would gather around the table and do their studying.

People today, nostalgically view this bygone time. Families gathered at the kitchen table for dinner, rather than eating in the family van in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant. They envision this time as slower and less stressful. People actually met, talked, and relaxed at the farmhouse table.

The farmhouse kitchen table and its matching seating were constructed of tough, durable, and beautiful wood native to the farm's region. They came in many shapes and sizes including round, rectangular, and square. Skilled craftsman made the tables, and often the legs boasted hand carved patterns that mimic French designs.  These beautifully made tables added aesthetic value to the kitchen.

As farmhouse kitchen tables become more popular, acquiring genuine tables at an affordable price has become more difficult.  Therefore skilled craftsman are again making new ones to meet the unmet demand.

Prices for the new tables tend to be expensive.   The cost will vary depending on the type of wood used and the craftsman's skills. Since these tables are made from real wood they can be heavy, resulting in higher shipping and delivery charges as well.

While farmhouse kitchen tables can be costly, the buyer should consider them as an investment. Since they are made from real wood, they will last longer than most pressed wood furniture available today. The craftsmanship and real wood also provide an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that can accentuate any kitchen or dining room. Lastly, they provide a place for the family to gather and bond.