The Charm of Café Bistro Tables

Over the centuries that have passed, the furniture builders have created numerous pieces that are now considered as classics: one of these items is the café bistro table. You usually see these tables in outdoor restaurants of Italy, France, and other European countries. They are popular because of their charming and quaint look. You can also place a café bistro table in your kitchen breakfast nook, or you can also use it as outdoor furniture. Traditional sets usually include a round topped table and a couple of chairs. Manufacturers of café bistro tables now release a line of different exciting styles and designs.

One of the most popular is the French-inspired cafe bistro table. In this kind of style, the round top is set on a stylish metal stand. The pedestal stand can either be four-legged or three-legged, which extend from the bottom making the whole piece stable. Wrought iron is usually used to make these tables. Café bistro tables that are made of iron are heavy making it difficult to tip over. In addition to this, the top part can serve as an open filigree style which is made of metal. However, the inlay can be made from a different material. Those that are used as outdoor pieces usually have mosaic-tiled surface.

Moreover, café bistro table sets can be black or white. The matching chairs are usually designed with ornamental scroll work. These pieces are ornamental and yet comfortable to sit on to. You can also find pieces that are especially made for outdoor cafes. These tables, however, use materials that are lighter in weight than those made of wrought iron. The base is made from aluminum materials. The top portion is melamine or formica. The top portion is made to look like genuine tile or marble.

There are more kinds of cafe bistro tables in the market today, made from different materials. Buy one that will compliment the overall look of the place where you want to place it. A café bistro table will surely be a charming item in your own place.