Restoring an Antique Glass Dining Table

Both those who are on a budget and those with a professed love of antique furniture often troll shops and online stores looking for a good deal on a decades old glass dining table. While these pieces generally survive well through years of use, some of the best prices can be found on those that have begun to show signs of wear. However, shoppers should not allow a few marks deter them from buying a table that they love. Instead, consider restoring an old table to its original condition without spending much time or money.

One of the best ways to make your old table look as good as new is by replacing the glass top itself. While glass does tend to age well, older pieces may have a few chips or scratches that leave them looking less than perfect. Completely replacing the glass is often the best way to bring it back to like new condition. Take careful measurements of the existing table top. Owners may then submit these measurements to a local hardware store, or even window repair service to receive a custom cut piece that will fit perfectly into any frame.

Many glass dining tables sport metal frames. These frames usually require little work to rid them of signs of misuse. Repainted a metal frame is the fastest way to cover any scratches that may be seen on the frame. Most types of paints work well on metal, and there is generally no need to remove the remaining paint or finish. Before you paint, make sure to remove the glass or cover it with masking tape to ensure that the paint stays on the frame and off the top.

Restoring a glass dining table can frequently be done in less than an afternoon. By taking the time to restore an old piece, you will not only be saving money, you will also gain a one of a kind piece of furniture.