Protect Your Round Kitchen Table

A table is designed for use and through that use it is going to get worn down. Your kitchen table is going to fall victim to this every day wear and tear more quickly than your dining room table simply because the kitchen table is the more commonly used table in the house. While a dining table sits in the formal dining room collecting dust on most days save holidays the round kitchen table in between your living room and your kitchen gets the most activity.

Families have a tendency to eat more meals at the kitchen table because it is easier. When you eat in the kitchen you don’t have to carry your dishes and food very far to set it down and get started and you don’t have to deal with etiquette or proper table settings. One of the most iconic scenes from the 90’s sitcom Rosanne is the opening credit where her family is sitting around the kitchen table eating Chinese food. If Roseanne Barr can claim that her show was a mirror to American life, this article can claim the same.

If you don’t want those Pizza parties, Chinese dinners, and breakfast cereals eating away at the lifespan of your table you need to protect it. So how do you make sure your round kitchen table is going to get worn down and destroyed faster than you can say “Bon Appetite?” Protecting your table, particularly if it is a wooden table, is easier than you think unless you own a glass tabletop.

For any type of table the first step is always cleaning it. After each meal be sure to wipe down the table with a moist towel or napkin to collect any food particles and get the dust off. To avoid chips and scratches you can apply varnish or wood sealant once a year. You might also want to avoid using chairs that have sharp corners. For more information visit Round Kitchen Table Ideas.