Pantry Cabinets: Organizing Your Kitchen Storage Space

Even if you don't have acres of kitchen storage space, you can still stay organized. Pantry cabinets are smaller than a walk in pantry. They are even smaller than a closet used as a pantry. Organization of the space is the key to making enough storage room in the kitchen.

No matter what the design style of your kitchen, the pantry can match on the cabinet exterior. Pantry organization will make even small cabinets seem larger. You can take advantage of every inch of interior space if you plan carefully.

Cabinets may above the counter or below the counter. In either type of pantry cabinet, pull out shelves or a lazy susan can give you better access to all your food items. A uniform size and shape for storage containers is helpful for stacking items. Bulk items can be transferred to containers that fit the interior space of the cabinet.

Labeling is an important step in food storage. Food removed from the original packaging should be labeled with the type of food, expiration date, and any special storage data. Place food items in cabinets near to where they will be needed for food preparation. Keep your spice containers together and your baking ingredients together.

If you purchase a 20 pound bag of flour, consider placing it on a lower shelf rather than one that is overhead. Heavy items can be placed on pull-out shelves for easy access. Make certain the shelves are sturdy enough to handle the weight.

Kitchen pantry cabinets are essential for efficient food preparation in your kitchen. You don't want to use expired date foods. Organized cabinets allow you to reach foods easily that are used most often. Use sliders or pull out shelves to reach items in the rear of the cabinet. An organized pantry makes for enjoyable food preparation.