Narrow Hall Tables and Featured Ideas

If you want to make sure that you have a fine piece of furniture in your entrance way, opt for a narrow hall table and make your hall space or back wall near a bedroom or bathroom more functional. Narrow console table designs, like the mission console, may have small items neatly kept away or stored in drawers or shelves out of sight. Different table designs lend themselves to different uses. You can use a wooden one to store items outside the bathroom space or one that is more modern looking with glass and metal near a living room, den or entrance hallway. Your console will look cluttered and disheveled if you over-rely on it for storing too many items. Closed shelf designs for your narrow console table will help it to look more un-cluttered.

Ballard Designs makes a great classic wood designed hall table that can work well in most settings. For example, they have a Martin Console for under $400 USD that is a wood style and finished in 'Rubbed Cream'.

If you want something more high end or unique, try Powell Furniture. You can find styles of narrow hall tables not found elsewhere. You can find such additional features to their console tables like umbrella stands, mirrors and hat racks. These space savers are not only elegant but can free up room in other places of your closet. You can expect to pay slightly more for these features.

An entry hall table doesn't have to be all business. You can find practical and funky pieces also at places like Accent Furniture. You can shop for a more modern looking or modular style. Not all tables have to be rectangular or look like the typical table design. If you want to add a bit of spice to your design, go with one of these choices. No matter your preference, there is a style for you.

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