My Patio Table

About eight years ago I bought four chairs to go with a glass top patio table that I had had for probably ten years before I bought the new chairs. This was my second or third set of chairs to go with my sturdy old glass top table. At one time I had seating for six around the table. Although we were crowded, we managed to enjoy many outdoor meals around this glass and aluminum modern adaption of one of man’s earliest pieces of furniture. When I moved to a townhouse from my house, my brick patio became a much smaller wooded deck. I had some wooden patio chairs and a chase lounge that I wanted to use and my ever loyal table. But the chairs that went with the table did not seem worth moving. OK. I would use the wooden chairs around the table.

The wooden chairs worked out as long as I only had four people to seat because there was no way I was going to get more than the four large wooden chairs around the table. When the first winter came I dutifully moved the wooden chairs and lounge down into the basement but the table stayed outside standing sturdy and round waiting for the spring. After one heavy snow, I looked out to see an eight inch perfectly round white cake of snow with aluminum legs. I know it was eight inches because I went out to measure. As are the winters in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the snow went away in a week or so and it snowed again and went away again freezing and thawing until spring. My table was still standing waiting for me to put food and drink on it once again. When the weather began to turn warm again, I went down to the basement to drag my wooden patio furniture back up to face the world but I noticed that the wood in the chairs had begun to split and needed repair which I did not have the tools, skill, or inclination to tackle just then. I did what every red blooded American consumer does. I started looking for new chairs to replace the one setting in my basement. The ones that I would repair some day!

I found that I could get four nice looking chairs that would go well with my table and look good on my deck. They were made of aluminum with a poly woven fabric that was secured at the top of the chair, held in place by the frame and secured at the edge of the seat. The arm rest were made of hard plastic. The chairs were comfortable and worked well on my deck. I was set with my old table, four chairs, and the wooden chase that was in better shape than its related chairs. We were good for several years and then I decided to move to Florida. My table and the four chairs made the trip with me and seemed happy on the patio/lanai. During my second year in Florida, my chairs’ hard plastic arm rests started to crack and then totally break leaving very uncomfortable sharp edges. The table, however, aside from needing a new coat of paint around the aluminum rim of the glass and legs is standing tall to this day.

I have read that some glass top tables that are on the market today have shattered without reason or provocation leaving their owners with an expensive table frame with no top and a dangerous mess to clean up. Knowing this I bought a new rectangular table with a metal top that fits my lanai. My “old” glass top table has been assigned a new duty. It is the home of several plants that I have by the hot tub. But I know when I need it again for serving meals or whatever I need; my round glass top dining table will be there, waiting to help.

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