Modern Edge: Fire Tables & Fire Pits

Backyard water fountains are so last decade, but scores of homeowners can’t seem to find modern choices when it comes to outdoor furniture and accessories. Maybe traditional is just not your style, and that’s quite alright.

If you are looking for something cutting edge, then pay attention to the trends—the trendiest clubs, bars, and luxury hotels are flaunting something new in outdoor design. You’ve probably noticed them and wondered what they were. They are both convenient outdoor heaters, spellbinding conversation pieces, and magnetic hangout spots. They are fire tables. Glass topped, cut stone tables that shoot out flames of fire in appealing shapes and designs.

You can enhance your outdoor landscape with an original fire art piece. Chic fire table and fire pit designs have become available to homeowners looking for design pieces that have an edge and that display their personalities. Unlike many cookie cutter water fountain designs and the usual outdoor accessories, fire tables give a sense of the owner’s individuality with many custom shapes, colors, and flame designs to choose from. Your backyard patio and landscape will be enhanced with a contemporary, loungesque atmosphere and stunning ambiance.

And if you are seeking another hot idea for accessorizing your home, then look no further--Fire Glass chips are a popular choice and spreading like wild fire. They replace traditional wood logs in your fire place, and their multiple colors, sizes, and shapes create unique fire patterns and flame coloring. Your also saving a tree somewhere out in our beautiful forests from being chopped down.

So what is your style? Do you protest for world peace, can you mix a great martini, or do you enjoy having your palm read? There are fire tables with peace symbols, Martini glass patterns, and sun sign flame designs just for you.

Now admit it—you know you want one of these at your next cocktail party.