Modern Designs Used For Coffee Tables

People in the market to buy a contemporary coffee table will find many styles available to choose from. These tables are placed in front of a sofa or couch to provide a space where people can set their beverages, books or magazines. The modern designs usually use simple lines rather than using wood pieces with decorative borders. Contemporary styles can be made of wood, metal, plastic or a combination of these materials. The wood designs are available as stained or painted products with the white and black painted tables being used more frequently in creating modern rooms.

People will find coffee tables created in cube styles as modern pieces. These are generally sold as part of a set of products, which can include end tables as well. Some of the molded plastic designs are used for rooms with casual atmospheres, while those created of wood or metal can be placed in formal settings, such as with the modernized mission coffee table. Some distinctive contemporary designs use a combination of wood and metal to create a more elegant piece. When combined with natural colored wood the metal is usually gold or brass in color. When paired with painted wood the metal is usually a chrome or silver colored accent.

The modern coffee table can also come with tile or glass inserts as the top surface. The tile can be made from any number of natural stone products including slate or marble. The basic design for this type of table will include a lower shelf underneath the top surface. This is where people can store magazines and books not currently in use. Some models have a drawer placed under the top section, which can hold small items so they are out of sight.

Another aspect of modern coffee table creation is the use of alternative lumber. Instead of using a tree that takes 50 to 100 years to mature, you can now opt to use lumber from palm and bamboo trees. Over the last ten years, more and more consumers are starting to use this type of furniture. Bamboo and rattan coffee table sets are modernized, stylish, and they help preserve the earth for future generations.