Making Kitchen Space With Drop Leaf Tables and Cabinets

Living in a small home can be frustrating, but dealing with a small kitchen can be even worse. It can make it difficult or impossible to have guests over for dinner parties, and you may not even feel like you have enough space to do the cooking you want to do. There are a few things you can do to beat that sense of claustrophobia and take back your kitchen, however. Here are a few ideas on just how to do that.

The single best thing you can do for yourself, if you have a table in your kitchen, is to get a drop leaf table. These tables are adjustable, so that when you have friends over you can lift up the table leaves and give yourself some extra table space, and when they're gone you can break it down and reclaim some of your floor space. Don't underestimate how open your kitchen will feel when you reduce the size of the table - even if it feels like more of a mental trick than anything practical, you'll be more at ease with the extra space.

Another thing you may want to think about is your cabinet design. It may or may not be possible, but what if you were to take your cabinets out to open more of the wall up, or even replace them with smaller cabinets? Having the extra air in the room is another trick that will give the kitchen a more open, comfortable feeling. It's something to think about if you have the resources to do something about them.

Finally, try keeping your counter completely clear for a week. Take everything off of it - the sponge by the sink, the knife block, the coffee maker, and anything else you have there. This will give you more counter space to work with of course, and will again make you feel like you have even more space free to you. It's not a hard experiment to try, and is the easiest thing you can do to make a difference in your kitchen.

Having a small kitchen can make it feel impossible to properly use, or even make you feel frustrated with your own home. Just adding a rectangular drop leaf table or clearing off the table can go a long way towards helping how you feel about it.