Lamps, Light Shades, and Lighting—the Keys to the Perfect Room

Lamps are a small piece of furniture in comparison to the couch or the over-sized recliner that graces many living spaces. Yet, a nice lamp and lamp shade can be the most impressive fixture that anyone sees, setting the tone of the room, accentuating color schemes, and even changing the moods of the people who assemble around its light. These overlooked furnishings can give the light for the whole room, or simply add extra illumination, giving support to other lights in the area. The fact is a lamp may be the most important piece of furniture in any space.

In order to have the look you want it is first important to find the right style of lamp. If you want a modern looking room, you can’t have a lamp that looks antique. Likewise, a modern lamp would look odd in a room that is decorated in a southwestern style. Finding the wrong size or shape in this small furnishing can make the whole room seem off, but when you find just the right one, a lamp can make the room shine—literally!

Of course, when you find just the right lamp, you are not quite done. A bare light bulb shining from your beautiful lamp would be extremely inappropriate, and no one would even notice how extraordinary the lamp itself is. Therefore, finding the perfect light shade for the top of your lamp is of extreme consequence. This is where the colors of your room can be accentuated, or you can simply add some decoration that gives the area a little more personality. All of this can be achieved by choosing the correct shade for your lamp. If you have a great lamp already, just buy a replacement light shade for it.

Finally, choosing the correct amount of light for this piece is important. Some people choose to have a lamp that gives off different amounts of light depending on its setting, while others prefer muted lighting all the time. The amount of light that streams from your little lamp is a personal choice, and it simply depends on what you desire to do in your space. Reading may be difficult if the lights are low, but if you’re spending a romantic evening with your spouse, you may want things a bit dimmer. Just remember that moods can change depending on the lighting of a room, so be careful. Make sure that the illumination in your room sends the correct message.

Regardless of what you want to say in your room, choosing the correct lamp, or the correct group of lamps, is as important as selecting the correct couch. In many ways it is more important. Lamps can change the look of your room, and should be considered carefully. The whole mood and tone of a room can change depending on lighting, so don’t take it for granted. When the room is furnished and you look around with a satisfied smile, remember to look at your lamp. After all, without it your space wouldn’t look quite as good.