In Search Of The Perfect Makeup Vanity

This is a guest post by Maya Tan of Timber And Textiles.

Every woman deserves to have a place where she can put on her makeup and jewelry in peace and quiet.  A makeup vanity is the perfect solution, and is sure to be a favorite piece of furniture for many years to come.  But finding the right vanity is not always an easy task.  In fact, it can be downright difficult to find just what you are looking for in such a personal piece of furniture.  There are a few options that you can take in your search for the perfect vanity for your home.

The most obvious one is to shop at a furniture store near your home.  The thing is that they might not have a very wide selection of make up vanity tables, since it isn't such a basic furniture item, like a bed or couch.  The options might be limited in terms of color and style, so if you don't find what you're looking for right away, consider a different option.

The internet is another great place to look.  There are scores of online fruitier store that might have just the piece that you're looking for.  You might even find the exact same vanity in several different retailer's websites but at different prices, so shopping online can be a great option in terms of savings.  You will also find that many online stores offer free shipping, so you can save on that, and don't forget that you won't be spending any money on gas!

A third option is to look in a small antique store.  Sometimes the most beautiful pieces are the oldest ones, and if you always loved looking at your grandmother's vanity when you were a girl, an antique might be just the thing for you.  It will add a mysterious and romantic mood to your bedroom, which is always a nice plus.