How to Make Your Home More Sociable

Many of us like to use our home as a place to be sociable, to welcome our friends and have them enjoy spending time with us in our home. But not all homes are created equal when it comes to welcoming guests. If your home is full of cold colors and hard shiny surfaces it may look good and your friends may very well admire it but they may not want to spend too much time there! If you would like to make your home more sociable here are a few tips:-

1. Create a Seating Area

Make sure you have seating area in your living room which encourages conversation. The best kind of arrangement is to place two sofas at right angles with a coffee table or area floor rug in the middle. If you often have a large group of friends around, comfortable soft carpeting and floor cushions make it easy for large groups to sit informally around your normal seating area and join in one big conversation.

2. A Large Dining Table

Eating together with friends is one of the easiest ways to be sociable in your home and even if you don't have space for a huge table look for one which can be extended out when you want to accommodate a few more friends. If you are not a great cook, it does not really matter. Buy the food ready made and have fun! It is the conversation which counts.

3. Extend Your Kitchen

A kitchen which has space for a friend to sit while you work is so much more sociable than one where you are stuck in a tiny kitchen cooking alone. If you have a small kitchen see if there is any way to extend it, perhaps by removing the wall of the room next to it to create a bigger area. Failing that, even a breakfast bar and kitchen stool will make it easier for others to join you.