How to Furnish a Breakfast Nook

If your new house or apartment has a breakfast nook or a large eat in kitchen, then you may be wondering how to furnish that room. Of course you want a table a chairs, but there are questions to answer. How large of a table? Would chairs or benches be better? Can you put any other furniture in the room? No matter how large your breakfast nook is, you will be bale to find the right furniture for this important room.

The first step is to measure you available space. The worst mistake you can make is to buy breakfast nook furniture that does not fit comfortably into the room. When measuring, any walls will be obvious boundaries, but there will probably be a fourth side of the room where there is no wall because it runs into the kitchen. You need to decide where wall would be if you were going to separate the rooms in order to determine your last measurement. Once you have the overall dimensions, you need to subtract three feet from each dimension to get the maximum size of your breakfast nook table. The three feet is to allow approximately eighteen inches on each side to pull chairs in and out.

Your next step is to decide whether or not you will use chairs, benches, or a combination of both. If you have a large number of people to seat, then benches might be a go idea because you can fit more people on a bench that takes up the same amount of room as a particular number of chairs. For example, if there are two chairs down one side of a table, a bench in that same spot would seat three people. If you have a table larger than what you need to seat your family, then you should probably stick with chairs since they are more comfortable for adults and guests to sit in.

Once you have chosen the breakfast table and seating arrangements, you can decide If you have room for other kitchen furniture. You might decide to include a sideboard, a floor lamp, or some shelves if you have extra space. This is not likely because most people choose to have as large a table as they possibly can. However, if you have a small family of one or two and get a table that seats only two, then you probably will have some extra space that you will need to fill. Too much empty space can look strange.