Holiday Dining for Children

Here it comes again, the holidays and the problem of sitting everyone down to eat at the same time. There are only so many places you can set at one table, so where do you put the overflow, usually youngsters and teens? You don't want them to miss out on the family meal and everyone sitting down together. Ah ha! A kids folding table and chairs for the children too old to need help feeding themselves. They will appreciate having a table and chairs to their height, and the low table and chairs excuse the adults from sitting there. Add another card table and chairs for the teens, and everyone should have a seat.

One of the things you can do to make the children feel more at home is to have hairs scaled to their proportions available. School house chairs can provide extra seating at the kids table for the big meal, and then be moved to the den so the kids can match a movie. Some schools chairs are stable, so they do not take up as much space when not in use. The chairs come in plastic molded seats on steel legs or made t look like the wooden chairs the grown-ups sit in. If you plan far enough ahead, you should be able to get school chairs that somewhat match your dining room or den furniture.

Having a place for the children during family dinners will make getting everyone settled easier, as the kids know where they are to go and arguments over sitting at the main table diminish. There is also that feeling of accomplishment when a child gets old enough to move to the next table in prestige. The kids table also allows slight slips in manners to go unnoticed, at least for the holiday. Correction can come at private family meals instead.

Having child-sized tables and chairs can make the holiday meal easier for all concerned.