Heywood Wakefield Tables Still Designing In Time

Every family needs to have the right dining table to accommodate their needs from the smallest child to the eldest grand mother. The company who has always been the most aware of this need is Heywood Wakefield. They started making dining furniture for large families in the early 1800s. Their belief was that a beautifully hand crafted dining set would give families the ability to sit comfortably around the supper table and catch up on each persons day.

In this, their most gracious of all timely traditions, they touched the modern world as well. Heywood Wakefield dining tables began at about 6 feet and the craftsmen created leaves that would evenly slide into place between both ends without sliding out of place. These extra pieces would easily give an extra 2-4 feet of dining space for all occasions. Large holiday feasts were just one of the many reasons they became so popular.

As the company flourished they continued to carry the belief that families should dine together. Even today, long after the company dissolved, the style of Heywood Wakefield is still around and satisfying all manner of needs within this scope of possibility.

Along with the functionality of the tables themselves they made their mark even more obviously by being the only ones who made their tops with solid wood. Oak, mahogany, walnut and many other dense woods were imperative in the manufacture of tables that would outlast most generations and be continuously passed down as the years went by. They were inlaid with intricately cut grooves and enhanced with other exotic woods in a different hue that made them the most coveted pieces of furniture anywhere. Known for their stout and thick legs placed just so beneath the top and the intricate designs engraved into them as well these dramatically exceptional pieces have continued to be passed onto children across the country.

The Wakefield designs are still a part of modern society. Their examples have inspired many manufacturers to attempt such bold expansions as to duplicate or at least try to have the same effect on their customers. But the Heywood Wakefield designs still impress. Exotic pieces of all kinds of furniture is still circulating the world. Their distinctive European touch also creates furniture for all rooms in a home. No two pieces are alike. Their collectible pieces encompass dining rooms, family rooms, living rooms, kitchens and even the bedrooms with one of a kind skills. Enduring the very hands of time Heywood Wakefield have outdone themselves far past what other manufacturers have been able to do. This is what keeps their designs at the top of peoples minds when searching for that perfect piece of home shaping furniture.