Getting Your Pool Heated Using a Solar Pool Cover is Easy!

If you don't live in a real hot area of the country then you probably don't get to use your pool as often as you like. Early in the season, or late in the season, it takes forever for the water to get warm after those chilly evenings. When you have made such a big investment you really should take it one step further. Make sure to get every possible day of use from your pool by investing in a solar pool cover.

I am sure you have noticed the solar pool covers but maybe did not realize what they were. They are usually a light blue color, although some are white. They almost remind me of a large piece of bubble pack. Let's assume it is September and you want to get more pool use but the evenings and nights are getting chilly. When you finish with the pool for the day it's time to put on the solar cover. The idea behind solar pool covers is that they trap the heat in the pool. If the heat stays in the pool, under the cover, the water will stay warm overnight. In the morning when the sun is up then you can remove the solar cover.

It is a very simple process and the use of a solar cover can extend your fun for a few extra weeks or more each season. They can be purchased from your local pool supply store or on-line at one of the many pool outlets. If you plan on getting one you should consider do it at the beginning of the season in order to get the maximum benefits!

Obviously you need to know the size of your pool. If you have a round above ground pool you need to know the diameter. Examples: if you have a 24 foot above ground pool, make sure to order a 24 foot diameter solar cover. If you have an in-ground pool that is 18 x 24, then that is the size solar cover you will need.

Extend your pool season through the use of a solar pool cover, a wise investment to be sure!