Freezer Basket Storage In A Chest Freezer

For anyone serious about getting into purchasing and storing food in bulk, a large chest freezer is an absolute must.  Buying large quantities of food – rather than the normal supermarket sized portions – is a great way to save a lot of money.  However when some of those items need to be frozen, a typical side by side fridge freezer is just not going to cut it.

Large deep chest freezers are the perfect appliance for the bulk food shopper.  While a normal refrigerator may only have a small freezer compartment capable of fitting a couple of cuts of meat, a large chest freezers capacity can be simply huge.

A good sized deep freezer can hold up to 25 cubic feet of frozen product, sometimes even more.  Price wise they are relatively cheap in comparison to some other cooling solutions; and due to their well- insulated design operating costs are minimal.

If you plan on storing bulk food purchases in a deep freezer, it is very important that the contents be well organized so that you do not have any trouble of keeping track of what is in there.  One popular action people take is to buy sets of stackable freezer baskets to install in their deepfreeze.

By using wire freezer baskets it is possible to keep different types of food in different sections of the freezer.  This can be great – as an example – for separating components of different cuts of meat, or even different types of meat altogether.

Separating your frozen products like this is also great for rotation of food.  If you purchase a side of beef once every six months, it is wise to finish consuming the older meat before starting to eat the newer one.

By placing the wire baskets containing the new meat beneath the freezer basket containing the remains of the older side of beef, you ensure that none of your supplies are kept in the freezer for an unsafe period of time.

Bulk food purchases and ownership of a deep chest freezer naturally go together.  Installing a good set of stackable freezer baskets improves the experience even more.