Finding Space for a Dining Table

A dining room table and chairs set can turn a house in to a home but finding the room for a dining table can sometimes be a challenge. If you have a dining room then obviously it will be very easy indeed to ‘find room’ for a table, but if like a lot of modern homes you have a lounge/dining room sometimes it can be difficult to know how to arrange the room. Here are some tips in choosing the right type furniture for your home, arranging that furniture to suit a table and positioning a dining table and chair set:

  1. Sofas - don’t get sofas that are to big. Sofas can take up an incredible amount of space so be very careful as to the size that you but. The best options are to go for two two-seater sofas, or a three seater, two seater and single seat. Having your sofa split up in this fashion will give you far more options when it comes to arranging the room – a leather corner suite may look nice but it doesn’t give you many options.
  2. Lighting – Try to position your dining table directly under a light. It is very uncomfortable talking to someone that has a light behind them – you can’t see their face properly and the light will be blinding. Having a light positioned centrally over the dining table will allow everyone at the table to be lit up evenly and consequently everyone will be sat comfortable.
  3. Table size – I personally would never recommend getting a table that folds, sure it will take up less space when it is folded up but what are you going to do with the chairs? If you get a table that is well suited to the number of chairs it accommodated then the area taken up by the table shouldn’t be much more than the floor space that all of the chairs together take up.