Dinnerware Sets For Your Table – The Big Name Manufacturers

In any industry that is remotely profitable, there are always the ‘big brands’ which dominate the market. In shoes you have Nike and Adidas, in computing you have Microsoft and Intel. When it comes to putting dinnerware on your table, it is no different. Below is a brief list of the so called ‘big names’ of the dinnerware set industry, and a short description examining the history and characteristics of each company.


With the slogan ‘everybody loves good food’, you can see what the marketing executives at Denby were trying to get at. They're insinuating that great food tastes even better when well presented, and although that statement may not be scientifically sound, you can't go far wrong with Denby when shopping for a durable, stylish set.

With a history that spans the good part of 200 years, Denby is widely known for its vast array of colorful sets, reflective glazes and notably modern look. They also have a reputation for producing products with an almost flawless durability and chip resistance, which as a result makes it quite expensive in comparison to other known brands. You will always obtain value for money though when buying a plate with word ‘Denby’ scribed on the back of it.


Established as a company in New Jersey in the early part of the 20th century, Mikasa is widely renowned for its elegant yet robust Japanese inspired designs. Like most commercial brands now, their products boast a wide range of properties, from being dishwasher safe and chip resistant to having a high endurance for extreme oven temperatures. Mikasa has a range for every occasion, as their latest Studio Nova line - specifically designed discount dinnerware sets for casual use - clearly shows.


Anyone that pays even a passive interest to dinnerware will recognize the Pfaltzgraff castle that's imprinted on the back of every Pfaltzgraff product. The company has the very modest roots of producing storage crocks and jugs for preserving food. It wasn't until after the Second World War that they decided to branch off into household products, and they haven't looked back since. Pfaltzgraff boasts a vast range of elegant designs, some of which have gone on to become some of the best known and recognizable crockery designs in America. Coupled with a reputation for good customer service, you will not go far wrong when you purchase a Pfaltzgraff product.

As you can see, there are no shortage of fine dinner ware brands to choose from. If none of these three appeal, you will surely find something else that does.