Dining Table Design – Two Great Dining Table Models That You Should Check Out

The dining area is considered one of the focal features of the house. It is where families gather and welcome their guests. The dining room is a lively center that is mostly used for receiving guests or when holding family get-togethers. It functions as an elegant entertainment area where guests should feel comfortable as they enjoy the company of the hosts. With that said, placing a good dining table set is definitely a must. It is important that you look for a dining table design that is not only visually pleasing but also functional and practical.
Since the dining room is an area where people will gather, an inviting, calming and welcoming atmosphere must be created. The design of the dining table that you should settle for greatly depends on the look that you want to achieve. Dining table sets now come in a wide assortment of design combinations and style variations. Therefore, make sure to choose one that will be able to blend well with the overall theme of the room and its surrounding décor.

To give you an idea on what dining room table designs to use, here are 2 excellent dining table models that are designed by creative and innovative furniture designers.

Modern Dining Set by Cattelan Italia

This sophisticated and timeless dining room table design is intently created to grace small spaces. Instead of being placed in the dining room, this table is often used in the kitchen. The entire table design exudes modernism due to its use of somber materials and clean lines. Sold in five different table sizes, this magnificent dining table features a stainless-steel, finger-print proof base that has a pipe-shaped stem and a rectangular pedestal, which functions to support to the table. Its table top can be made from wenge or walnut wood, or from a clear tempered glass. The table comes with modern, metal-framed chairs that have either a silver or chrome finish.

Elegant Andrea Black Dining Table Set by Casamilano

Casamilano, a reputable Italian company, offers a unique line of dining room furniture that boasts exemplary designs. One of their best selling dining table models is the Andrea black dining table set. Made from solid wood, this outstanding table set can surely be a nice addition to any contemporary dining room. Its unique crossed legs greatly add to the table’s trendy touch and stylish appeal. Covered with an attractive black finish, this magnificent table never fails to get the interest of meticulous homeowners.