Different Styles Of The Vanity Tables

When you are looking for a good addition to your bedroom and bathroom then a good choice would be a vanity table. It is a very convenient place for you to put on your makeup, store your jewels and cosmetics. The vanity table comes in different styles.

In the shabby chic style, old furniture is refinished to give it a cottage look. In this style, the pieces are painted in white shades and given a distressed finish. Floral accents are also included to strengthen the shabby look. This kind of table can be found in many antique shops but at a very high price. You may just have to go for garage sales and flea markets to get the bargain pieces. When you go to the market, what you should be on the lookout for is the table with spindle legs and possibly drawers that add hidden storage. Do not worry about the color of the table as you will be redoing the painting yourself. Pick a table that is large and comfortable enough to fit in your bathroom or bedroom decor space. If you are lucky, you will get a vanity table with a mirror. If you do not, you can add a decorative mirror yourself.

For a Hollywood look, you can find an elegant shaped table and then redo the painting according to the decor in your house. A perfect fit for you and the Hollywood style would be a table with art deco style and subtle curvaceous shape. When you are doing the painting, choose the glossy finish to glam things up and include some fabric to finesse the look. You can also include an inexpensive addition such as a straight back wood chair that is wrapped in fabric. You can add a crystal or frilly lamp wall scones on either side of the mirror to give it an extra flair.

For a young girl or a teenager, who would like a vanity table for her room, a funky one would be the best choice. You can easily get an inexpensive table and pick a hot shade of pink or if you wish, any other shade of bright color. To add the pizzazz, you can paint elaborate modern graphic flowers in the front and the top of the vanity table. You can also add some fabric on the sides of the table as teenagers seem to be fond of this.