Decorate Table Lamp Shades

You can buy plain table lamp shades very cheaply in many stores. They work well in softening the light from a table lamp and covering a bare bulb but they are not the most decorative objects in the world. Designer light shades can be a step to far for many budgets however even though they make wonderful accent objects for your room.

If you prefer designer lamps to plain, why not have a go at being a designer yourself and try decorating a plain lamp shade? It does not cost much and you can have fun in the process.

Of course, you will need a lamp shade to have a go with so make sure you make your first attempt on one that is not so expensive so it is not a major catastrophe if you find you could never be a designer in a million years.

You will also need a glue gun to fix your decoration in place. You can obtain these quite cheaply from craft shops. Then, collect together the items you will use to decorate your lamp shade.

Shades can be covered in paper or fabric and they can be trimmed with anything you find in a haberdashery store and even other small items such as stick on stars or sweets that you have carefully varnished. If you are going to cover your lamp shade completely you will find this easier if you choose a simple shape to begin with. Drum lamp shades are ideal for this as they are very simple in shape.

Use your imagination to decide on your design and then get sticking. You will have something unique before you know it. It is definitely worth an hour or two of your time to see if you can create the designer look with your lamp shades for pennies.