Dawn Your Bar With Plastic Cocktail Glasses for a Cheap and Easy Party

You know what's great?  A party where everyone's happy, sitting pretty with a drink in their hand.  You know what's not so great?  A party where the host went out and spent a few hundred bucks on cocktail glasses, only to have three of them break, and the rest scattered about the house for an egg hunt-style dishwashing party the next morning.

Ok, so perhaps I'm going a little over board with my example, but the point is valid; if you're going to be gracious enough to host a party, where you're already shelling out money for the food and beverages, the last thing you want to worry about is the added cost of drink ware, not to mention the hassle of cleaning it all up.  This is where plastic cocktail glasses come in.

A plastic cocktail glass still maintains the basic aromatic function and the slick and charming aesthetics of it's more expensive kin, only it costs much less, comes in a nearly endless variety of colors and sizes, and most are washable, offering acrylic resilience should you want to keep them around for a while.  Let's say, for instance, you are planning your wedding (congratulations...), and your friends and family are a pack of celebratory drinkers.  You want to make sure everyone has a good time, that the glasses match the flowers in the reception hall, no unnecessary broken glass is shattered, and your pocket book stays intact (barring the rest of the wedding expenses).  You can rustle up 250 plastic martini glasses in whatever color you want for less than the price of the bottle it takes to fill them up.

Even when around the house, these things are great.  I don't know about you, but I don't need 100 drunk party animals running around my house to break a dish or two...I do a perfectly fine job of that on my own time.  That's why any time I open my cupboard to grab a glass, I'm looking for plastic.  Sipping alcoholic beverages is no exception.  Whether you're planning the party of the century or sitting down to watch the game with a Manhattan, you have the advantage when you go plastic.