Create Dining Versatility With An Extending Dining Table

The problem is a common one, you need a large dining table because you occasionally have to seat a lot of guests when you hold your dinner parties but your dining room isn’t large enough to accommodate such a big table. The answer is simple, buy an extending dining table.

Extending dining tables are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are capable of expanding your seating capabilities from 6 people to 10 people or 8 people to 12 people, depending on the type of table you buy. In some cases the fact that the table extends at all is cleverly hidden from view with the extension sitting underneath the original size table top.

Whether you prefer a rectangular dining table or a round dining table, there are some fabulous versions of extending tables that will convert into impressive large dining tables. There are a few different ways in which the extension can be moved into place on an extending table. It may come with a separate section that must be dropped into a gap after the table has been slid apart, or the extension may be part of the table that slides into place when it is dragged open. Some dining tables are equipped with quite imaginative mechanisms to make the conversion from small to large as simple as possible.

Depending on the type of table you buy you may have the option of up to three extensions for the same table, giving you the versatility of setting up the table in up to four different sizes.

It is one thing to own a table that can seat 12 or more people when it has been extended out to its largest configuration but another matter to have the chairs to seat that many people. Don’t forget that if you want to seat 12 people, 12 chairs must be stored in the home somewhere. Presumably 6 or 8 of them will be placed around the table when it is in standard configuration leaving you with 4 or more chairs that spots will have to be found for while not in use.

Owning an extending dining table gives you the flexibility to adjust quickly to unexpected visitors and enables you to hold large gatherings without having to search around for temporary seating arrangements.

With an extending dining table you have the versatility of a small, stylish table that you may use on a daily basis that can be expanded to a much grander scale for the big occasions.