Cellular shades – a buying guide

Home owners who want to buy an elegant and beautiful window covering should consider cellular shades. These shades have beautiful grain design and are ideal for many types of home décor including classic, contemporary or natural style. Below is a buying guide that can assist you to pick up the right cellular shades for your home:

-          Always start off with knowing what is the right size of blinds for your home. While it is not a big issue to buy a blind that is larger than your window (you can always cut away the excessive parts), it becomes problematic if you get something that is smaller. If you want to know the size of your windows, use a measuring tape to take down their length and breadth. One tip for novices: remember to add 2 inches to what you have measured so that there is enough room to mount the blind brackets.

-          Choose the right color of cellular shades. Currently the most popular color is white cellular shades due to their flexibility in accommodating various types of décor themes. However, for home owners that want a darker feel, there is also black cellular shades for you to choose from. If you need help in picking colors, you can either use a color chart or some online sites that teaches you how to choose colors that can complement or contrast, depending on what you need.

-          Know what kind of add on features you want. If you have windows that are difficult to reach, motorized cellular shades will be useful as it allows you to remotely control them. For home owners who want a darker room, you can buy the blackout versions which can prevent light from shining in the house. Finally, for homes with young children, you can consider cordless cellular shades as they are much safer. This is due to the lack of strings that can potentially suffocate your children if they get caught in it.