Breakfast Nook Furniture Ideas

When you move from an apartment into your first house, there are several rooms that you will need to furnish that simply did not exist in your apartment. One such room is the breakfast nook. You are lucky if most apartments have a dining area at all, let alone a separate breakfast or kitchen eating area. Therefore, you will need to purchase new furniture for your kitchen or breakfast nook. But what kind of furniture goes into this room?

The most important piece of breakfast nook furniture is the table. You will probably end up eating most of your meals at this table and you will also gather there to visit with friends, help your kids with homework, pay the bills, or have a family game night. You want the table to be big enough to accommodate your entire family and the occasional guests, but it cannot be so big that you cannot pull out the chairs to sit down.

The next most important pieces of furniture are the chairs or benches for seating. You need to think about how many people you want to fit around your table. Benches will generally accommodate more people than chairs. In addition, benches offer an opportunity for extra storage space. Many benches have under the seat storage compartments. However, benches are not as comfortable for guests or large adults.

After you sit your table and chairs in the breakfast nook there probably will not be much room left over for other pieces of furniture. However, there are a few pieces that might work. For example, if you can find a thin table that will fit up against a wall like a buffet in a formal dining room you can use it under a window to sit plants or pictures. These small console tables sometimes have small drawers where you can keep extra placemats or napkins. Another possibility for furniture in the breakfast nook is a floor lamp. Depending on how your breakfast nook and kitchen are lit, you might find a floor lamp useful if you sit at your kitchen table during evening hours working or paying bills.