A Small Table In The Back

Bernice and Flora looked for a small table at the back of the room. Everyone seemed to be sitting on the floor looking glum. Where were the small tables the proprietor had mentioned? Then Bernice nudged Flora, “Pssst, look down.” All the prospective clients were sitting at tables only two inches high. She got the giggles. Although she was looking for a small table, she was not going to be satisfied with something like this. She told Flora to wait while she went to speak with the proprietor, but Flora was scared.

The proprietor saw them walking toward her. “I’m sorry, ladies. You must sit down or the wizard will not consult with you. Go to the back.” She pointed her long skinny finger to show them. Flora’s broken tooth was hurting more all the time. She began crying and sobbing and pulling at her long black hair. Her mascara ran down her cheeks and she fell into Bernice’s arms.

The proprietor watched them with a scowl on her face. These two women were creating a terrible scene right in her store. The wizard would arrive any minute. What could she do? Just then there was a loud fanfare of trumpets and birds began flying through the store. A tiny man in a purple robe and a tall pointed entered the store. He suddenly became very tall and he pulled a large black cat from the sleeve of the robe. He set the cat down on the floor. “Midas, please come with me.”

A loud gasp was heard from the back of the store where the clients were seated.

Bernice heard someone say, “I’m afraid of cats.” The proprietor came up to Flora and tapped her on the shoulder, “Madam, I have arranged the wizard’s schedule so he will be able to consult with you and your friend in his office on the ninth floor.”

Bernice said, “I don’t think my friend is able to climb nine flights. She is in pain as you see."

“There is an elevator.” The proprietor pointed to the wall.

There was no elevator that they could see.

“Follow me, ladies.” The very tall wizard walked ahead of them, and when he approached the wall covered in ornaments, feathers and magic wands, the wall opened up. There was an elevator, a tiny wire cage. They crowded in with the tall wizard and the big black cat. The wire cage creaked and groaned all the way to the ninth floor. The door swung open to reveal a room full of small tables.