A 5ft Air Hockey Table for Your Home

The game of air hockey has been hugely popular for decades and is mostly played in arcades, bars and pubs. A lot of people are now opting to buy their own tables for use in their own homes. The 5ft air hockey table is perfect for home use and is one of the best selling table sizes. These games have a great appeal for homeowners as they are a quick and easy way to have some fun and light competition with friends. You will also remain active when playing air hockey, rather than sitting around watching TV.

A lot of homeowners find that 5ft tables suit their homes very well indeed. A good sized room will be able to accommodate a table of this size, still leaving ample room for players to manoeuvre. These tables can be purchased relatively cheaply and a good quality model should set you back around £100. Shopping around online should allow you to find an air hockey table for sale which meets your needs for a reasonable sum.

Think about whether you would be better off buying yourself a 5ft table which is capable of folding away and being stored or whether you want a stationary one which is designed to be left in one place. Unless you have a separate games room where your table can be left all the time, you could find that it becomes and obstruction if it is always going to be left in a living area which sees a lot of traffic from you and your family.

During you selection of air hockey game tables take the time to compare models and try to judge which one offers the best build quality in your price range. There is a good chance the table will need to hold some of your weight while playing as you are jumping around quickly. Legs with triangle brace supports should prove to be rigid enough, ideally these will be made of metal.